This blog is all about poems and short  essays which Hanya feels in her life. Sometimes not all words are meant to fall out spoken, some are need to be drawn in letters  to delineate legibly the emotions bound by the scarcity of hope and faith in a short time.

For her, life seems a perils wheel. There is always an ups and downs and as it roll so fast we become frightful, fretful, wretched, pleased, and other emotions that suddenly born out from everything. But, even though our feelings play with us, in the end, we will say that everything is worth to feel and worth trying for. Maybe it is hard to tell right now, yet someday, we could unequivocally value all we had been experienced in life. Writing for Hanya is a fleeting way to ease the gravity that dragging her down at the cliff of her journey. For a while, it is what she needs, a flurries of words that will tranquil her soul. Thus, as I go along in my journey, I hope you would go along with me. Thank you so much for visiting my blog. 🙂small-3421-6724815


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