I felt so scrawny and droopy while walking on the empty sidewalk, with no bushes or trees that could make me feel easy on the road. I chased my breath, like an escape prisoner; I almost couldn’t able to make a single step because of the viscid touch of an air sickly countryside continued to hug me.

I was in gratitude when I got inside the bus and found a sit on the third row beside an old man in his mid-forties. He was near to the window on my right side and holding a small paper bag of McDonalds. He seemed so calm and cool even I was nearly half dead because of the fieriness of weather, although it wasn’t summer. However, his age told me otherwise as my surprise caught me when he crumpled the paper bag and threw out the window then he next to toss out the cover of his ice cream cup. Never had I been thought, that one day I will witness a human vices who were born to be ethical and ought to wear civility and not to be savage.

I was taken aback with his cynical manner that I didn’t notice the bus had started to go forth. The stifling wind coming from an open window made my body sallow. Thus, I turned my head to the left side of the bus and of a sudden I saw a hospital at the highway, which drive me lost in my own thoughts.   The sickness that every human feels is a pain that can only share by humans themselves. But the disease inhabited on the world brought by the insensitivity of humanities is a pain that will be endure by all that has life. I am afraid we are feinted by what we know, and what we think who we are.

The day had begun to swoon the minute I arrived home after a long drive, but before I knocked on our door, an empty space close to our home held my eyes- there should be a wonderful home erected on it, not a mountain of rubbish. I may not wonder why the thoughtless man who only wanted to ease his own hunger toss out his scrap out of the window- we are now practicing the art of sophistication upon thinking of every space as scrapheap.

With that I faintly stared at the midday cloudless sky- perhaps the ground where towns and cities lie is like a hell to the sun, and a dead river to the moon- worse than what my mind telling me so.


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