Hooked in Hokkaido

Far from home
Tell us about the farthest you’ve ever traveled from home.

I am longing to travel, since the day I went to college, for I never had one. Wandering is so expensive to experience for it needs a copiously of time and money. I always dream to go to somewhere else where seasons change, far from a tropical country and  see variety of cultures and traditions that other races have.


Surprisingly on the eight month, a stranger pay a prize for me to go in a place where will satisfied my hunger to wander for seven days. I became part of 111 Filipino college students in our country to travel to Japan- it is the Japan East-Asia Network of Exchange For Students and the Youths (JENESYS 2.0 batch 3 Mass Media), sponsored by  Japan International Cooperation Center (JICE). These presented me a chance to see the far away most of Japan- the fifth biggest city and the urban centre of Hokkaido- the Sapporo City. To tell the truth it was the farthest place I’ve ever travel from home.

From Tokyo, it is a four hours flight from Haneda Airport to New Chitose airport-the only airport which is the main gateway to Hokkaido. As I was still on a plane, I already got a sweeping glance of its rich nature and bountiful agricultural land.


We arrived there on its best season- autumn. Its greenly place, turns to be chatoyant. Since I came from a tropical country I never seen autumn on its special outlook. The leaves of maple trees are changing from orange, red, to yellow, makes the surroundings so sparkling. Everywhere seems to be dreamy as the colourful leaves falls to the ground and the falling snow dust, swells my breathe of pleasure of upcoming winter. I even saw everywhere pine trees and the beautiful bonsai trees- those were the only green trees I found in autumn. Hokkaido is a great town that shows love for nature and having an interesting world.

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Like Baguio, Hokkaido is located in northern region of Japan. It is characterized by a cold and low- humidity climate. Because it shares with the cool weather of Russia. Remarkably, it has a 200 percent of food stability and share its food production to all parts of Japan and export foods to nearby countries. It is blessed with wide range of local sea foods and mountains specialties as well as attractive sceneries.


Our body especially our face became so dry. Lip gloss and lotions I bought from Philippines wasn’t enough to moisture my skin. According to our tour guide who lives in Sapporo, cold waters are not problem in Hokkaido, they have a huge water tank that can supply all cities in Hokkaido. They even have a machine that cost billions to melt the snow and drainage where the melted snow will go. The roofs of the houses in Sapporo are all incline to make the snow fall quickly to the ground.

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Furthermore, foreign youths like me was so pleased to learn from the Hokkaido government, that Hokkaido is the true home of manga, since they got the large percentage of paper industry in the whole country of Japan.

I am fortunate destined to Hokkaido’s capital- Sapporo City. It is the northern most among the 12 major cities designated by government ordinance and was constructed under urban development planning. Sapporo have a lot of stunning spots that will form your mouth an o- shape.

We went to chosen beautiful places in Sapporo, since we have only one week stay in Japan.

Sapporo Trip ( First and Second Day)

Sapporo Trip ( Third and Fourth Day)

The Home-stay


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