The School for Good and Evil


Why do I love this book?

This book will give you a new perspective of a unique notion of  a fairy tale: That a witch and a princess could have both a happy ever after in one tale, and death will escape the ending  of an evil witch , and a princess who is at all times a damsel in distress could be possibly save a life of a lady who becomes evil because of despair. So, who needs now a prince?

My favorite Quote:

Image result for image of the school for good and evil

In this world, we always have a false perspective of who we are. We judge people because we think we act differently from them. But, obviously,  we just can’t accept that we don’t like the person we  are and we dare to be someone else we think will give us a good image to the public. To tell the truth, everything is just on our state of mind, sometimes we just have to give our hearts a chance to be heard for once.




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