The Cry of Forgotten Mother

“My child! My child! Please come up to me, I am begging you please come up to me…” the woman in tears sat down under the obsolete tree near the dying river.

She put her palm onto her face and started to cry deeply. After a minute of deep sadness she put off her palm and touched the wet land, smeared by her sour tears. The soft wind embraced her and with her blurry eyes she etched the face of her lost child in her mind and then she spoke with her voice echoing to the lost world. “My child, why do you desert me for almost a thousand years? I gave you all the things that you need, the care that you want to have, and the life that you want to endure. I am asking you for an nth time, what else do you want just to remember me? Sometimes I am wondering of you, do you really just see me as a treasure box or a magic but never a mother who gives life and gets life?”

“I know you wouldn’t answer me, you can’t even hear me. You only hear of your own voice! The sounds of cruelty! The meanness of all humanity! Sad, yet that’s the truth.”
“How you love staring at me, you are blind still you are staring at me! Do you know me ten thousand years ago? Well as far as I know knowing the long-ago isn’t what you want. If you have a desire to know me before a thousand years you won’t treat me like this, as if my trees were created only for your own wishes, as if that my water were created for your own requirements in life. My child, you forget that there are also other living creatures that need the presence of trees. However, I shouldn’t be wondering of that since being forgetful is already part of human behavior.”

“Nonetheless I won’t tolerate it. You must know me before anyone

else. I must tell a history:”

“There’s a father in heaven and I am the mother of earth, the nature that you think a treasure box. Thousands of years ago, the earth was in the state of equilibrium, everyone enjoys my company, everyone respects who I am, they had even permitted me to take my own way and they live through my sweetness.”

“Powerful knowledge existed in that time and I let them write on my leaves everything that they discover. The way of learning trough me was improve, thus no doubt in that time many great scientist were discovered, they do believe that without nature there is also no knowledge.”

“However after ten thousand years ago, people little by little became

arrogant. They thought of themselves as someone smarter than me.
They touch my trees, my waters my mountains with their callous

hands. Don’t you hear they are shouting? “

“No! Stop I am begging you please stop. Don’t cut me into pieces, I am your life, you’ll die if you don’t stop, believe me, you’ll die…” the trees are screaming

“Don’t do that. Please I can’t breathe you are covering our water world with your garbage. Please hear me if you kill us you’ll also die so soon…” cry of the fishes.

“Help me! Help me! Where are the trees that hold me? Where are the pitiless human who stole them? I am beseeching you please bring them back to us” the mountains pleading

The woman stood and looked to her near fading earth; no one can describe her wretchedness, until she heard unusual voices begging for something.

“Father! Father! Why? Why did you let that happened why you let

floods, erosion, earthquakes come to our way? Why?”

After the woman heard it, her expression change, it was replaced by anger. She closed her fist and shouted with all her strength which echoed to the whole wide world.

“Why are they asking for such dull question? Don’t they ask me why it happened; don’t they ask themselves for what they did? Or do they want me to figure it out for them. You! All of you! You make me all
dreadful, you made my tears, you raped me and you left me nothing and you left the world nothing. Thus what do you want me to do? I am just taking all the revenge. “

The woman walked around the withered flowers, her hair now tangled and unkept, her face is so thin. Her color is so pale and her voice is stammered because of her weakness.

“Sad! Yet I never heard anyone praising me. I am just thinking if the whole humanity will die, the earth again will lead back to richness, but I don’t want you to die, you are all my children so work! Work! Work! … Work for the nature, work for yourself to be a good man and work for your fellowmen”

The woman stopped and knelt under the dark heavy sky which will soon fall over the curse land, asking again the question that even destiny does not know when the answer will be or if it will ever be answer.

“My child, why do you desert me for almost a thousand years?



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