Love books ( The School For Good and Evil)

Genre: Fairy tale


Sophie had waited all her life to be kidnapped.
Every four years two children are stolen away from Gavaldon, never to return. Most children fear being taken to the School for Good and Evil. But no Sophie…

She has dreamt all her life of being a princess and believes the school could be her chance. Her best friend Agatha has other ideas. When the two girls are taken, things don’t quite go to Sophie’s plan. Because sometimes, the princess and the witch don’t look like they do in fairytales.


Why do I love this book?

I am not a fan of fairy tales, because I think princess and prince in fairy tales aren’t that too interesting to read. But, when I read the book, The School for Good and Evil by Soman Chainani, it gave me a new perspective of a unique notion of fairy tale: That a witch and a princess could have both a happy ever after in one tale, and death will scape the ending  of the evil witch , and a princess who is at all times a damsel in distress could be possibly save a life of a lady who becomes evil because of despair.

Furthermore, I like how Chainani wrote ideas that will differentiate the good from the evil:

The evil attack. The good defend
The evil punish. The good forgive
The evil hurt. The good love.
The evil take. The good give
The evil hate. The good love.

My favorite Quote:

Image result for image of the school for good and evil



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