Sapporo Trip ( Third and Fourth Day)

Third Day

Shiroi Kobito Park:

Before our Third day ends we tour its famous chocolate factory. It should be the Sapporo Hitsjigaoka observation hills but because it was raining that moment the staff decided to change the destination.


When you ride by Japanese Airline (JAL) they will serve you a very delicious chocolate or creamy vanilla ice-cream that surely will make you forget your name. Those tasteful chocolates are specially made from Hokkaido and you will see how it is prepared in Shiroi Kobito Park. The place seems to be you are in the movie of Wili Wonka at the outside of the museum. There are different cute rides for kids and a huge bear that is climbing to the rooftop of the chocolate factory.


Furthermore once you entered the chocolate museum, the feeling of being in the palace will make you want for more.  You will also see all cartoons and anime collection such as life size Astroboy and collections of Pikachu and another anime in one room. You will also see traditional cooking materials of chocolates and the importance of chocolates to the body. In their lobby is the Chocolate factory where you will see how they made their chocolates. Once you look around the walls are full of cute statue of cute children….It has also a small mall restaurant inside which serves all dishes and chocolates; moreover a shopping mall where you can buy their products.

Fourth day

Olympic Stadium and Okurayama ski jump stadium:


In the middle of our fourth day we tour the Olympics scenery of Sapporo. Most places I’ve seen in that city are all for Olympics. Like soccer, football, skating and more. But in all those places the biggest one is Olympic Stadium and Okurayama ski jump stadium. This is one of the few 90 meter class jumping hills throughout the world for skiing competition. Tourist like us must use the moving stair case to reach the Crystal house or souvenir shop. Beside the souvenir shop is the ticket booth to ride the lift toward the Observation Platform. This is to reach the Mt. Okura Observation Platform located on the top of the ski jump. The places for observation are located both in the second and third floor, and visitors enjoy the view of the entire ski jump and Sapporo city from a height of 300 meters. After you ride the lift the first thing you will see is the small house of souvenirs that also sells ice cream. Because its autumn season I didn’t buy because it was really so cold, that a thick cloves wasn’t enough.


While I was riding on the lift, I observed that Japanese people are not excited people like we Filipinos. They were just sitting silently as if they do it normally.

With all I experienced in Sapporo, it was my gratitude to that stranger- the JICE (Japanese International Cooperation Centre). A non-profit organization that contribute to the development of the global society through activities pertaining to strengthening mutually beneficial relationships between Japan and other nations (



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