Sapporo Trip ( First and Second Day)

First Day

Former Hokkaido Government office building:

The first place that we have visited in Sapporo was the historical building across the recent Hokkaido Government Building.


If you want to see most of the history of Hokkaido, mostly about Ainu people (the indigenous people who lived in Hokkaido) it is best to tour first on the former Hokkaido Government office building. This is open to the public and free of charge. The ambiance is so refreshing because of various colourful flowers and cool green of bonsai trees. It is a red brick American neo baroque style building erected way back 19th century. Aside from the historical things, you will see preserve animals in Hokkaido that most are already extinct while some are rare to find now.


New Image

Second day

Sapporo City University:

On the next day we went to the Sapporo City University. Their university atmosphere is indeed so refreshing because of  surrounded by pine trees and other beautiful trees, added by the autumn weather  . It gave us the feeling of tranquility,which  every student needs to forget stresses from too much studying in hard subjects.


Sapporo City University shows how Japanese Government confer importance to education. Their school is more of practical learning. They chisel every technical skills of their students to make their creative imagination true in the real world; this will benefit  not just their selves or the school, but their country as well.


Their university is only a wide two story building. They offer medicine and design courses. As we tour around their campus I was surprised to see that even the elevator wall were full of arts designed by the student and  their classrooms, tables and chairs are all multipurpose.

Subsequently, we went to the lobby of their school to hear the presentation of the students about their community projects. From there, I learnt to one of the university professor who was the English translator of the Japanese students the importance of calling cards to them. The professor said that the Japanese young generation today used to exchange calling card because, when they transfer to the other prefectures of Japan mostly to Tokyo, some of them never go back.

Sapporo Art Park:

After the tour in the city’s University, we went to the Sapporo Art Park. It presents of the 100 best public architecture in Japan. It is the only outdoor museum in Japan were everyone can see 73 sculptures by 64 artist embedded in undulating landscape of lush greenery. Sculpture are displayed in nature so that people will realize how things changes from season to season. Every sculptures is hidden in a profound logic and tells ideal stories for the present and for the future.


The place is a mountain like spot, as long as you go high, you will see the rest of the sculptures hidden at the tall bountiful trees. But, tourist guide warned us, never to touch any rope surrounding the whole place. Because those are live wires to scared the bears.



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