The Lottery Poems


Love is a lottery game
Picking desirable digits
Carved on a hallow sensitive paper
each defines a faith of luckiness

Only one from the gamblers win
For numbers are draw in prudence
Some digits glut and some were lack
Till no dough left to anyone’s pocket

Love is a lottery game
someone has to hold on odds



Crinoline, camlet, mousseline

The needlewoman done promptly all the dress
Piddle not even she was pricked by her needle
Because of the long thread she always cut
She knotted the stich of each loose while
Akin to the hem of her dress

Too passionate to see the fair she set
To find the lad who unravel the love she hemmed
Boarded on a carriage —
Every pair of eyes darter onto her
So renowned for all the dress and gown she made

Crinoline, camlet, mousseline

The moment she found him
Looking at the Grenfell cloth
The thread becomes short
And love makes the busy fair
Crackled the velvet mood
Her dream of him spoken like a flannelette
Howbeit the reality spoke onto her heart
As rough as a leather is
Taking a chance to ask not
About the lady in cambric dress
For his searching for other she
And to him-
She was just a lady in pinafore



The night you turned
To be my beau
I was not forget

I was so certain
To love you back
Is worthy till last
I didn’t know
I got a bills to pay
That how to earned it
Is what do I miss


 The Mystical Shadow

You always see the silver moon
Yet you never see the golden sun
You heed the cool sound of brooks
Yet you never hear the ruffle lies
You feel the soft zephyr
Yet you never feel my rigid breath
You smell the sweet amours
Yet you never whiff my bitter moods

Are you living in a dark wood?
For you’re etching myself in sinister
Altering me in someone I can’t be
Seeing and hearing of nothing
Not knowing beyond this murky
Beneath the burnish sun
I am standing with a million folks
Busy staring at my shadow
Drawing another creature
Far from who am I

Your voices framing my world
Make it full of flaming swords
You all tell a lot of judging words
But you know not my name
Nor the small realm I belong
You blame the things out of me
You laugh for I can’t be what you are
Yet what can I do, this is me

Behind the mystical shadow of mine
I stand above the ocean of tears
Gazing to all of you
As my thoughts tramping with full of marvel
On how can you be so perfect?
In a little sphere we have
Where no one is borne ideal
And build nasty thoughts

How the world be so unfair
When I see every ones shadow
Lucid and beautiful
Like the wide sapphire river
I even see the light within your souls
But for you, I always be
The mystical shadow

Once you open your mouth
The melody of mystery
Come on my way
Like the wind you don’t know where to go
But it always follows you wherever you go
Like the waters you can’t hold
But it touches you
And like the people who says
“Be who you are”
When you know it’s a lie

Cause you know why?
What you recognize
Is my mystical Shadow
Not the real me



Your senses are locked once I am hear
I touched and hear you like  a tramping ghost
I come and go as what a gentle wind does
without anyone noting me being here
wonders cloaking your soul,
for love  is not the only imperative one
for man’s greatest fear  is that no one believes in him


The Composer

I compose a hundred lines
With a thousand words
For a story that you think not exist
But it has the melody to be sing

I drew the letters in a clear water
To hide the pain that you not read it
No matter how I wrote it for you
Till I feel about giving up

Thus I throw it and let the gale blows it
Bringing to somewhere unknown
When suddenly I saw you smiling
While walking away from me

I cried a lot knowing you’ll never love me
If you only knew, will you ever be mine?
For I only write because you exist
Because you are the song I always play

And I am the lyrics that proves we’re meant to be



No one knows how it hurts like
Once you feel the wound in your heart
And the lies that people say
Is the one that always be the truth
Years will dropped unhurriedly
When the soul dies in soundless manner
Only the future will make him innocent


My First Taste of Love

There I was at the half way
Looking distantly onto million stars at Elysium
Wishing at the glorious full moon
About to taste the saccharine of love

As I pace the lane
My spirit’s yell
Wondering if I would ever taste it
The sweet savoring of love
I’m longing to relish for indulgent

Like a drizzle piercing thru my skin
The unease hunger smiting me inside
I howl like a thunder to be eased
But I not given a bestow to relieve

I had been taste the saltiness of my own cry
The sour hint of destiny casing my soul
A peppery fate leads me to be dreary
Yet I never tasted the sugariness from love

But not after one
Came along the way
Looking into my eyes,
Not saying a single word
I don’t even say,
Yet my eyes whispering
Whether he keeps the luscious I’m yearning

And there he flaunt
What I’m desiring about
Creating the world shimmering
While I am enjoying my first taste of love

To be continued………….

The notion is hard to elucidates
As I undergo the sweet sensation of amour
Like bees sucking up the mellifluous nectar
And I intend to deity to be with this forever
But this wasn’t the story line ends

There after he said
The eminent three honeyed words
While we both tasting
The sweet falling of star anise
I shut my eyes,
Replying with a melodious sound

Minutes drop
Ends up with no heeding a new sound of words
Causing me to feel nor heard even a breath.
I resolute to open my big brown eyes
For I was outrage his nowhere in front of me

I hasten
To reach the midst of forlornness
Seeing myself a maroon with a feeling of fury
Like a pomelo incised erroneously on a skin

I love the way he comes,
The fact I hate his falseness
But what can I do
If he loves goodbye
And all I can do now
Is to taste the saltiness of my dear tears,
Tasted similar to grass and woods

I’m hoping for that saline from my eyes
Help to vanished the anger,
Cloaking my heart
Like the way it can purge
The acrid hint of a bitter melon.

How I verily wanted to wipe out in my mind;
That in hundreds of woman
Tasted his sweetness
I’m the only one left here
Bitter and qualm full

Thanks for the years that goes fast
I’m here again at the starts
Sitting down
Enjoying the sweet grip of the moon shadow
Looking above at the million twinkling stars
Equable to the amount of hopes I have

To taste again the sweetness I’m craving
Not for a shortly time
But for the rest of my life
And I won’t forget the taste
That altered everything in me
Since none is sweeter and more bitter

Than my first taste of love



Someone looked at me as royalty
And he looked at me like a pauper
I made no correction whom says true
Yet I forgot I wear the long dress of curiosity
Here it is it something invisible
Only after counting a countless star
I will know who says the truth.



How many times do chances slip in to your hands like a mud?

Sometimes you never had a hint that it was a chance that you were looking for a long time.

For it was like a wind that randomly passed by and like a million wasted droplets of rain falling onto the ground

To identify it is huge risk, yet nothing will lost on you if you will going to gamble for a chance…

Dewdrops falling onto my head
I shiver and run to a cabin
Easing the coldness of rain
And like the other day I miss the chances

I walked at the streets alone
While the wind tightly hug me like a lost kid
When I got home, I boiled a hot water
And liked the other day I miss the chances

How many times do I miss it?
Every  single day I lost hundreds of it
Only I found out it’s a chances
When I saw somebody dancing under the rain
Kissing with someone on winter season
And I am here lost
Asking why did not I try?


I love you

You told her a phrase of curse
So sad it has to be I love you
He was waiting for then
If she would say the same words
For so long, it takes he don’t know

In dusk she spoke
I love you ain’t a need to say
It’s just like a water
He could never keep
It would only be right to speak
After ugliness shelter her
With everything turns vilest

Now, Can he say it again?
She don’t know



I caught a sight of a drunken lady
Holding a bottle of wine on her table
I saw on her face what life may all for
Before each droplet of wine
Goes down into her gullet
Tasting the pleasure of acrimony
A fore all the sweetness of life

For a long moment, I stare at her
Till she finished the last drop of wine
Her eyes is red and deserted
Once she used to on the spell of wine
She will used to bitterness and wound
That forever will be a scar

And all I can say from far away
Sleep now my lady
Tomorrow will be a hot coffee
On your old table
To make you feel what a sweet life means



I am tramping in the right course
And it was all a pretty thought
Everything turns into silent dud
My little hands sway down
Expelling all I could hold to think
Like the smoking pipe dream
Then I can see I can have it all
Staying young for time
Leaving the hurtling hale of crowd
Believing the wish of the lips
And hold to the one we never see
But has the magic no one could ever have
Life will never befuddle again


No One Knows

Never did I say I like you
All the lips say yes to my thought
My heart though pit what I think
There were no scattered reason
It has been flown to nowhere
We will never be like a math
Always know how everything ends up
No one knows why I love you


Wrongful wish

If you just knew
I keep on asking
Seeing you in love
Not for the other she
Not at the song of slumber

I speak on dreams
We could be together
Once my eyes uncluttered
After a down for the count

I hang on to your words
Fraught and fear
I feel your warm breathe in my ears
Asking me to breathe again for you

At last our beseech was granted
But it’s a mistake
For it’s all I wish to see you
I never ask an eternity

You only wish me to breathe
You never wish me to live
We’ve got the wrong plead
How come we both forget?

I should wish a life
Before I wish a love
Now it all halts to me
And your cry’s that left stay