‘Twas not late

If you are going to ask me, I learned more on the road that anywhere else. No matter how bare and cold it is or crowded by skeptical and decent folks and various vehicles- road will always teach something that we scarcely know- more than safeties and obedience in traffic sign.


It should be a comely Monday morn, as I thought it would be, since my dream job interview is yet to come in just for two hours. In a heartbeat though,the excitement swelled within me swiftly waned as I passed through the early rush hour. Thus, I decided to take two rides. After a 45-minute drive, I arrived at the half way of my destination, I walked to the corner of the highway to wait for another jeep, seemingly I thought I made a good conclusion, but I was wrong, as I scrutinized the people they were vying for a jeep with a single seat left. I didn’t want to gamble my ease, and I trusted God, he would not let me be late, so I bear to wait calmly for more jeeps to halt.

Softly thumping my right foot, my vision suddenly caught my gaudy fair shadow- it grew taller and taller while lying on the fiery ground. I almost forgot the time was. I saw the wrist watch wore by an office man who was standing on my left side, it was already 8: 30 A.M and my interview appointment was 9:00 A.M. Things were only getting worse because from where I was waiting towards my destination, would have travel an hour.

I started to panic and I mumbled wishes that soon became a chant, “please lord just let one jeep to pass by even it has a narrow space left, and I’ll humbly take it”. My wish granted. Yet, there were always people who came first to step inside the jeep before me, which foster my grimness. I spat to God “I just wish for a single jeep, I even contented myself for a narrow space, what else you want me to ask for?” I took a deep breath of ire “I waited for this interview for so long and now it is almost on my hands, then you are going to slip it away from me, why being so ruthless” I miserably told him.
After a minute an empty jeep stopped in front of me and I hurriedly went inside the jeep. When the jeep started to go forth, I looked backed at the passengers waiting area and the people were gone.

I arrived at the company tensely that the interview session had been already starting. When I opened the door of the room where I would be interviewed, I noticed the clock – it was 8:30 A.M. I asked the lady in the office if the time on their clock was right and she told me I wasn’t mistaken.

It was like a hammer that hit my head- I ask a wrong wish-I became selfish and irrational to God. I should wish an empty jeep not a narrow seat and spatting God about the time is amiss, for he would keep sometimes people waiting, but he would never let anyone be late.


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